Booking corporate hospitality early just makes sense. Of course it is natural to want to research and deliberate over decisions but this often leads to more problems – prices go up and choices go down so all your plans have to be changed and the whole cycle starts again. It becomes a nightmare for the person organising the event.

The reality is that you should book your corporate hospitality as early as possible and in this blog post we explain why. 

Whether you are entertaining clients or rewarding your best staff, corporate hospitality is a valuable investment and getting it right matters. As much as possible, you want to be prepared and ready to book before your competitors and other companies. 

Researching Your Corporate Hospitality

If you have never booked corporate hospitality before you are possibly asking “is corporate hospitality worth the money?” Naturally we will tell you it is but try to get such questions and concerns answered before you are ready to book. An experienced hospitality company will explain how to get the most out of your event and even help you work out an ideal budget in advance.

Companies that have booked corporate hospitality before will be doing their research – finding out prices and making sure their guests can attend. Sound familiar? You might think that this is a good idea, but while you are doing this whilst other companies are making their bookings snapping up the deals and leaving you with fewer options. It is important to prep and do this work ahead of time, most sporting events are in the calendar long before corporate hospitality packages go on sale. The companies that know this will get their bookings in first because they know the benefits of getting in early.

Have you booked your corporate hospitality for the year? It might initially sound like a big commitment, but you may not have to buy them all at the same time and the benefits of getting your booking in early are huge. Talk to us today and be sure to get the most out of your corporate hospitality events this year.


Why You Should Book Corporate Hospitality Early

  1. Popular events sell out – it is the obvious one to start with but if you want Ladies Day at Royal Ascot or FA Cup Final then it goes without saying that they sell out quick. Be the company that got their booking in first.
  2. Best prices – prices for high quality events go up in price the closer they get, not down. On top of this the internet has meant prices are easy to find out. Meaning companies have to differentiate on service and the experience, whilst you can be sure of the best package at the right price.
  3. Best choice of hospitality packages and restaurants – it makes sense to presume that the best seats, packages and offers sell first. Be sure to get what you want by booking early.
  4. Better seat locations – as above, people do not buy the seats at the back first.
  5. Get your key client invites out first – don’t be mistaken into thinking you have to book it all before inviting your guests. You want to be the company that gets your invites out first, or your client will have said yes to someone else already.
  6. Enough time to replace any drop out guests – of course people drop out. It is annoying but with more time to replace them you will be sure your investment goes on another client attending and not your old mate from rugby.
  7. Good table locations inside the dining suites – it is not just your ticket for the event that matters. If you want to be near The Green Room celebrity hosts, have a big table by the window or ask for any other personal preferences, then you are more likely to get a positive response when you book early.
  8. More time to get organised – it does take quite a bit of organising to make the most of your guests at your event. It goes without saying that more time should mean a better result.
  9. Booking with a smaller deposit – payment arrangements are more possible when an event is some months away. You might even make your investment back on the client you invited before you’ve paid to take them out!
  10. Occasional early bird offers – early offers are rare so grab them if you see them. It’s more important though to get the best package and preferences for the event you know your client will love.
  11. Best hotels and travel prices – and finally it is not just the corporate hospitality event. Your guests will want to book accommodation and make travel plans. They will appreciate the availability and prices when booking early and you will not have the frustration of last minute cancellations.


Booking corporate hospitality early makes sense. We hope these 11 reasons have given you more confidence and clarity. Jump on the phone or send Hospitality Finder an enquiry today so you can be sure of getting all the benefits of booking corporate hospitality early for yourself.