Lawrence Dallaglio discusses Bollinger Champagne and why such a high quality Champagne is vital to The Green Room VIP experience.

One essential element of any luxury hospitality experience is the availability of the best quality Champagne to enjoy with guests. What kicks off the day’s festivities better than a cold, crisp glass of some of the finest bubbles!?

Bollinger is not only the choice of England Rugby but is also the choice of the one and only Green Room where you will find me on all major match days. I’ve worked with Bollinger for a number of years now and not only do they offer only the finest Champagne at Twickenham Stadium, but their history, heritage and continual commitment to excellence makes them the perfect choice not only for myself, but also for our Green Room guests.

Indeed, it was Lily Bollinger, matriarch of the Bollinger house from 1941-1971 that perhaps best summed up the necessity and joy of Champagne – “I drink Champagne when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it — unless I’m thirsty.” I for one would raise a glass to that!

Champagne for me though is the signal of a celebration – simply the sound of a cork being popped is enough to tantalise my tastebuds and the sight of the bubbles exploding in the glass is somewhat mesmeric. In fact, the average bottle of Champagne contains around 49 million aroma enhancing bubbles, which only add to the layers of taste sensations of what is an extremely complex type of blended wine. However though, it is not just for the pleasure of drinking and sense of occasion that a glass of Champagne offers – there are numerous additional benefits from drinking the finest Champagne like Bollinger.

For those of you health conscious, calorie counters out there, the average glass of Champagne contains around only 80 calories and a moderate intake can help the body gain important antioxidants like resveratrol that prevent damage to your blood vessels, reduce bad cholesterol, and help prevent blood clots. Research also shows that Champagne contains a key protein beneficial for short term memory and up to 3 glasses per week can help improve your short-term recall.* Champagne is also packed with potassium, magnesium and zinc which boost your mood and give you that extremely pleasant ‘uplifted’ feeling after a sip or two. 

Bollinger Champagne therefore is perfect for The Green Room at Twickenham and is not only a delight to drink but is also extremely versatile and can be paired with a wide variety of different food options. With legendary chef Marcus Wareing in the Green Room kitchen, we wouldn’t want his dishes to be accompanied by anything but the best and that is Bollinger.

With huge upcoming England matches against Australia, South Africa, Wales & Ireland to look forward to I hope to welcome you to The Green Room at Twickenham for a glass or two very soon!

*Research from University of Columbia and University of Reading