As part of our ‘Meet The Team’ series we ask our sales team what they think is the ultimate hospitality experience for our VIP guests. Next up in the series we have Acoount Manager Adam Butler. 

What is your role at Hospitality Finder?
I am an Accounts Manager looking after companies and individuals, booking them in for events, or finding new events for them and making sure that they are well looked after. Most importantly it’s about making sure they have an enjoyable time at our events.

Out of all the events that we do, what ones do you enjoy selling the most?

As a huge F1 fan myself, Formula One Hospitality is my favourite as I’m passionate about the sport and I think that conveys when I am booking clients in for those events.

What event would you recommend to our clients for a high-end budget?
Wimbledon or the rugby, both offer a full day of hospitality. With Wimbledon hospitality experiences from start to finish you get to see loads of games, it’s a great summertime event. Rugby provides you with some great Autumn/Winter events so there is something to go to all year round. 

What hospitality do you think would be great to experience on a lower budget?
For more of the low-end budget I would say the Henley Royal Regatta is great, we also have a lot of options to suit different budgets with our horse racing hospitality.

What events would you recommend for the autumn time?
Well we have the start of the football season in September, that is always a good one for our clients to go to. Obviously, we have the Autumn Internationals coming which is a big one for us and that is such a popular event amongst customers. We also have the horse racing events that go on into the Autumn so there is a lot going on throughout the season.   

Out of all the events that we do, which one would you like to experience hospitality at?
I would have to say the rugby, I think meeting the rugby legends in The Green Room at Twickenham and all the celebrities that you get in there makes for quite an experience, it is certainly a hospitality experience that makes you feel special. The interviews with the current England squad members is not something that every facility offers and that is really a stand out point for me, it’s really got the wow factor.

Do we have any events that offer something a little bit different?
We have quite a few concerts across various venues that offer something a bit different. But we also have some great cultural events for example we have the London Fashion Week, London Bierfest and things that not everyone knows we provide hospitality for such as the Chelsea Flower Show. They all offer something a bit different and once you try them you might find they work quite well for you.

So you have been to a few events, what one has been your favourite so far?
The Six Nations Event was a great one for me, there is something about Twickenham that is really special, it provides a great atmosphere, great crowds, and all the fans integrate really well with each other.

What is it like behind the scenes on an event day?
The main thing is to make sure that everything is in order and we have all our branding set up on the tables ready for when the guests arrive. It’s important that when everyone arrives in the suite the day runs smoothly and there are no problems for our guests.

With The Green Room moving to the Cheltenham Festival next year, what elements of the suite do you think are going to work really well there?
The interaction with the jockeys, it will be brilliant for our guests to get their point of view on the race and how it went, that is what makes The Green Room so special. Though there are plenty of other Cheltenham luxury experiences to choose from if you’re on a tighter budget.