Ever wondered how our events get put together? Or what our ultimate hospitality experience would be? Well read on to find out more about what our Events Coordinator Natalie Keeys does on a day-to-day basis as we Meet The Team. 

What is your role at Hospitality Finder?
My role is Event Coordinator, so I deal with guests before, during and after the event. I will be point of contact for our guests beforehand, sending out itineraries and dealing with any requests they may have. On the day, I will go around and visit all of our guests make sure they are enjoying the events and see if there are any improvements we can make to our hospitality. Finally, I follow up with the client after the event to see if they enjoyed the day and would like to book again. 

What do you think is our most popular event?
I think it’s a mix between our Rugby and Horse Racing events. A lot of clients enjoy going to the Rugby and experiencing The Green Room, but they also like attending the races, especially the Grand National and Cheltenham and enjoying the day there.

Out of all of the events that we do which one would you enjoy hospitality at the most?
I do enjoy the Rugby, but I think personally if I had to choose one I would go to the Horse Racing, just because it’s a really nice day and a lot of the time, due to when the season runs, it’s really nice weather. Cheltenham hospitality events are great because you have so many options, but if I had to pick I would go with the Grand National and Cheltenham Festival.

As our Events Coordinator you have been to many events, which one has been your favourite so far?
I think I have to say the Rugby, as it was the first event I attended with Hospitality Finder, and also for the celebrities, it was great getting to meet Jude Law! 

What is it like behind the scenes on an event day?
We have to be pretty organised and there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Beforehand we will organise table plans and itineraries and then on the day we have to set up the reception and the hospitality suite itself with all the branding. Ensuring that when the customer walks in they get a great finished product and enjoy the day. 

What would you recommend as the ultimate hospitality experience for our guests?
I would love to experience to Horse Racing after working there, all the facilities are great but I would recommend the boxes that have balconies as you can enjoy your meal inside and then just walk out onto the balcony and watch the races from the stands. It would be great to experience that kind of hospitality at Royal Ascot.

With The Green Room moving from Twickenham to the Cheltenham Festival in 2018, which elements of the suite do you think will work well at Cheltenham?
At Twickenham you get to see past and present Rugby players on the panel before and after the match, and I think it will be great to see past jockeys or experts from the world of Horse Racing giving their insight to who will win on the day.