Royal Ascot is an event like no other. It’s steeped in tradition and attracts over 300,000 people over the course of the five day summer festival.

An event in which HRM The Queen attends along with other members of the Royal Family and is a cause of excitement for both racegoers and fashion fans alike. Even with its strict dress code the fashion often overlooks the racing itself, particularly on Ladies’ Day, where the style stakes are high.  

The Royal Ascot dress code does vary depending on which enclosure you have a ticket for though, so we’ve created a helpful guide to what to wear if you’re lucky enough to have tickets to Royal Ascot 2021.

Royal Enclosure Dress Code

The Royal Enclosure is deemed the most prestigious of the four enclosures at Royal Ascot. It’s an area mainly reserved for the rich and famous and of course royalty. Meaning a strict dress code must be adhered to.


  • Dresses and skirts fall just above the knee or longer.
  • Dresses and tops should have straps no smaller than one inch. Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck and spaghetti straps are not allowed neither are dresses and tops with sheer straps and sleeves.
  • Midriffs must not be on show. 
  • Jackets and pashminas are permitted 
  • Trouser suits are also permitted. However they should be matching material and colour and full length to the ankle..
  • Jumpsuits which fall below the knee are allowed and should again, have straps no smaller than an inch.
  • Hats should be worn but a headpiece which has a solid base of 4 inches (10cm) or more in diameter is acceptable as an alternative.
  • Note: Fascinators are not permitted.


The dress code for gentlemen within the Royal Enclosure is simple and traditional but just as important as the ladies in terms of style.

  • Black or grey morning dress, which means a waistcoat and tie (no cravats)
  • A black or grey top hat (which should not be customised with ribbons or bands) 
  • Black shoes, worn with socks. 
  • Hats may be removed within certain areas, such as restaurants, private boxes and clubs. They also do not need to be worn when sitting in the external seating area within the Royal Enclosure Gardens.

Queen Anne Enclosure Dress Code

The Queen Anne Enclosure is named after Queen Anne herself and is full of class and glamour. Situated closely to the Parade Ring and the Winners’ Enclosure it features champagne bars and sun terraces for people to enjoy the racing. 

The Queen Anne Enclosure dress code is less formal than the Royal Enclosure however smart clothing must be worn.


  • Ladies should wear a hat, headpiece or fascinator at all times.
  • Strapless and sheer dresses and tops are not allowed. Strapless necklines are defined as off-the-shoulder, Bardot and one shoulder. 
  • If racegoers would prefer to wear trouser suits they must be full length and jumpsuits should fall below the knee. The same neckline rules apply. 
  • Midriffs must not be on show and shorts are not allowed. 


  • Men should wear a suit. Jackets and trousers should be of matching colour and pattern.
  • A tie should be worn at all times but no cravats or bow ties.
  • Socks are a must and should cover the ankle.
  • Top hats can be worn but not essential. 
  • Jeans, chinos and trainers are not permitted.

Village Enclosure Dress Code

The Village Enclosure was introduced in 2017 – the first enclosure to open there in over 100 years! It’s not as formal as the Royal or Queen Anne enclosures therefore tend to opt for a more contemporary look. 


There is actually no formal Village Enclosure dress code, however people are still encouraged to dress smart. So if you’re into fashion it’s a great opportunity to try something new and different!

  • A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times. Smaller ones are recommended. 
  • Strapless and sheer dresses and tops are not permitted, which means the neckline should not be off-the-shoulder, Bardot or one shoulder. 
  • Full length trouser suit and jumpsuits should which fall below the knee are preferred.
  • Midriffs must not be on show.
  • Shorts are not permitted
  • The Village Enclosure is a grassed area so think about footwear! Wedges and block heels are advised rather than stilettos. 


  • Full-length trousers and jacket 
  • Collared shirt 
  • A tie should be worn at all times but bow ties or cravats are permitted
  • Socks should be worn and they should cover the ankle.
  • Jeans and trainers are not allowed.

Windsor Enclosure Dress Code

Like with the Village Enclosure, the Royal Ascot dress code in the Windsor Enclosure is much more relaxed. However racegoers should still continue to wear smart daywear and dress to impress if they wish and when it comes to hats then go for it and go big! 


  • A hat or fascinator is recommended
  • No sport shorts or shirts
  • No novelty, branded or promotional clothing and no fancy dress is allowed. 


  • A  jacket, collared shirt and full-length trousers are recommended
  • As with the Ladies, no sport shorts or shirts are allowed


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