Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, we’ve got some very exciting news for our Green Room Yacht guests. In our latest brand partnership, we’ve teamed up with Naughty Water and will be offering their exciting range of exotic-flavoured vodka-seltzers aboard our yacht for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Founded by entrepreneurs Charlie Brake and Simon Horth, Naughty Water is not just what it looks like on the tin. The two friends decided to bring their shared passion for clean living and a dash of healthy hedonism into the UK drinks market. This exciting new range of exotic-flavoured vodka-seltzers offers health-conscious drinkers a sparkling alternative to the existing beverages currently available on the market.

Naughty Water - Simon & Charlie

The dynamic duo has already been featured on TV show ‘The Next Big Thing’ which focuses on exciting start up businesses and in addition, Naughty Water was featured in the Daily Telegraph as one of ‘the best new drinks’ to launch in 2021.

According to co-director Simon Horth, “this new line of delicious, vodka-spiked seltzers, aims to give drinkers an invigorating and refreshing alternative to beers, wine, and spirit mixers, that too often comes loaded with chemicals and calories. Naughty Water is clean, crisp, and invigorating, and it complements healthy and active lifestyles.”

With three light and refreshing flavours that include Sparkling Cranberry, Sparkling Mango & Passionfruit and Sparkling Blood Orange, Naughty Water is a gluten free, vegan/keto friendly sparkling alcoholic seltzer, containing less than 72 calories in a 250ml can. Naughty Water also contains added Vitamin C making it the ultimate choice for health-conscious hedonists.

Naughty Water

That clean alcoholic buzz is delivered by premium seven times distilled vodka and is brought to you in a style that transports you to sunsets on distant shores. This alcohol-infused sparkling water is the perfect conversation starter and will be a fantastic addition to our drinks offering for the Green Room Yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Former Love Island star Charlie Brake will also be joining us on The Green Room Yacht in Monaco, so guests will be able to meet one of the Naughty Water founders in person!

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