Ever wondered what our favourite events are? Or what our ultimate hospitality experience would be? Read on to find our what our Purchasing Administrator Cheryl Lisney thinks of our events.  

What is your role at Hospitality Finder?
My job is Purchasing Administrator, so I will purchase for all the events that we are running, I check the stock and orders on our events to make sure our clients are all booked in and have everything they need for their hospitality experience. I also research new events that we can do for our clients, mainly focusing on new horse racing hospitality.

Out of all our events, which do you think is the most popular?
I would say rugby, we have a high demand for that, and everyone loves rugby as it makes for a great day out.

Out of the events we have on offer, which one would you want to experience hospitality at?
Definitely The Royal Ascot Hospitality experiences, it just seems like such a great day and a lot of fun, also I am a fan of any horse racing event. 

Do we have any new events that you are excited about for our VIP clients to attend?
I think sailing will be pretty interesting, we have Cowes Week which is a new one for us and it looks like it will be a great event to attend. The hospitality will be an enjoyable day out and something a bit different for our clients to experience.

What would you recommend as the ultimate hospitality event for our guests to attend?
The Green Room at our rugby events at Twickenham is a must, it just provides the ultimate experience for hospitality.

So you mentioned The Green Room as a great hospitality experience, with it moving from Twickenham to Cheltenham, which elements of the suite do you think will transfer well?
The fact that you will get the chance to mingle with the celebs there, Cheltenham is popular anyway and as we are providing something a bit different it’s going to draw a lot of people in. The ambassadors are going to work well, and that’s going to give the people at Cheltenham Festival a more unique experience. Also having the experts in on the panel, doing a Q&A and giving their in-depth insight will make the day more fun.  

There’s lots of hostpiality events at the Cheltenham Racecourse for you to choose from, view our packages to find out more.

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