Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Hospitality Finder? Or what our ultimate hospitality experience would be? Well read on to find out more about what our Purchasing Manager Tom Forster does on a day-to-day basis as we Meet The Team. 

What is your role at hospitality Finder?
My role is Purchasing Manager so that means I deal with all the stock requests from sales and ensure that our clients get booked into their events. I will also look at any new and upcoming events for example new concerts that get released and source package details for these.

What do you think is our most popular event?
Rugby is a very popular one amongst our clients, I think this is down to Hospitality Finder having The Green Room at these events, and the celebrities and rugby legends we have in attendance.

Out of all the events we do which one would you want to experience hospitality at?
The Green Room would be a great experience, but I think out of everything that we do I would love to experience the luxury yacht package at the Monaco Grand Prix.

You have been to many events with Hospitality Finder, which one has been your favourite so far?
Visiting the Aviva Stadium in Dublin for the Ireland v England match. It was a great atmosphere before and after the game, also it was the first time we had taken The Green Room outside of Twickenham Stadium which was a really brilliant experience for our guests to be part of that.

What new events are you excited about for our VIP clients to attend?
We have the NFL at Twickenham coming up at the end of the year, which will be great as they are playing an extra game at the stadium this year. Another one that I am really excited about is the Mayfair to Monte Carlo drive with Tiff Needell where you can experience the Monaco Grand Prix at the end.

What would you recommend as the ultimate hospitality experience for our guests?
One of the big games at Twickenham, especially the Six Nations games like England v Ireland and England v Wales. The Monaco Grand Prix would also be a really cool experience, following on from that the Mayfair to Monte Carlo drive would be a be a great way to experience that race.

With The Green Room moving from Twickenham to Cheltenham, which elements of the suite are going to work well at the Festival?
The pre-race panel with former jockeys and experts in the field is going to be a highlight, also the grandstand seating, it will be great to be outside right in the middle of all the action watching the racing. 

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