A fresh take on a timeless classic.

Attention all Gin lovers…The Green Room has another exciting brand partnership for the Monaco Grand Prix and we can’t wait for you to try Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin. Created by brothers Sebastiaan and David Alfons, Bobby’s Gin is an award winning product with a wonderful backstory and we believe it’s the perfect gin to enjoy on board The Green Room yacht in Monaco.

Bobby's Gin

Named after their grandfather Jacobus ‘Bobby’ Alfons, it was his recipe that inspired Sebastiaan and David to create their gin.  It took almost two years to develop the blend and the result…a very fine and balanced distilled gin including eight botanicals, all separately distilled, with no additives, sugars or extractions. Simply pure taste. The journey to their award-winning creation started way back in 1777 and is imperative to the story of how Bobby’s Gin came to be.

  • 1777, Schiedam, The Netherlands
    It is here, in the Jenever capitol of the world, that Herman Jansen distils his first malt wine gin at Distillery ‘De tweelingh’. This unique spirit, lovingly known as ‘Dutch Courage’, is shipped to the united Kingdom where over time it evolves to what we now know as London Dry Gin.


  • 1950
    Jacobus Alfons, or Bobby to his family and friends, born in Naku, Ambon (Indonesia) and later migrated to the Netherlands. Bobby loved Dutch Jenever, but missed the taste of home, so he starting infusing his Jenever with familiar Indonesian spices and herbs. Unknowingly, Bobby had created his own product, and laid the foundation for Bobby’s Gin.


  • 2012
    Bobby’s grandson Sebastiaan discovered an old bottle at his mothers house. Inspired by the story about his grandfather and his unique Indonesian recipe, he went to Schiedam, the city where Gin originated. There he met the seventh generation master distiller of Herman Jansen. Together they started working on creating a unique gin, blending the tradition of Schiedam Jenever with the best Indonesian botanicals and spices.


  • 2014
    After almost two years of distilling, developing and refining, Bobby’s Gin Schiedam Dry Gin is born.


The Recipe

Bobby’s is a unique blend of Indonesian spice and traditional botanicals. Spicy and fragrant on the nose, a fresh burst of citrus and herbals at first sip and with a slight hum of pepper.

Traditional Indonesian botanicals and spices give Bobby’s Gin its unique flavour profile. Bobby’s only uses organic ingredients to create its characteristic scent and spice.

Botanicals such as juniper, fennel and rose hips make Bobby’s a ‘Schiedam Dry Gin’ and create the balance between east and west.



A modern interpretation of a classic Jenever bottle – Bobby’s bring the classic ‘kruik’ bottle to the 21st century with a strong and modern interpretation of its shape and made in beautiful brown and grey smoked glass. The screen printed Ikat pattern is traditional Indonesian. Through both of these elements Bobby’s Gin have created a unique mixture of east and west.

Bobby's Gin

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