A high-quality rum is a vital component to any well stocked bar, and we’re excited to announce Spirited Union will be serving their award-winning rum on our Green Room yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Spirited Union are on a mission to create Union between rum and the colourful world of Botanicals – giving birth to vibrant and exciting Botanical Rums.

For them, making a delicious drink is a bit like cooking, combining textures and tastes to create something exciting and memorable. They work with fresh botanicals and produce real flavour, by saying no to sickly sweet and artificial aromatics…brought together by a shared belief that spirits and botanicals should be delicious and fresh. The mission – to unite these two, to create a colourful and refreshing new World for Rum; Botanical Rum.

Working with the freshest botanicals ensures their rum will always have a great, natural taste. The fruits used are whole and newly picked, before being cut, peeled, and juiced in house right before the re-distillation and maceration process with the rum, so the crucial flavours or smells are not lost along the way.

Spirited Union also work closely with some of the finest distilleries around the world that have been in production for hundreds of years, to source single-origin rums that they can be proud to pour alongside their fresh botanicals. They source single-origin rums and botanicals from the best regions in the World and create union between the complex flavours of spirits and botanicals to produce new world rums that are bold, balanced with unapologetically fresh tastes.

Spirited Union believe in a hands-on approach to creating spirits, which is why each and every bottle is made by hand in our distillery in Amsterdam. Wherever automation is introduced it is to make our spirits better not necessarily to save a few pennies. The difference between something good and something great, after all, comes down to the details.

Producing in the spirit of sustainability is vital to the Spirited Union ethos and they are on a mission to make their supply chain as sustainable as possible. To ensure their rum can be enjoyed by generations to come, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. As a young distillery, we pride ourselves on the sustainability efforts we implemented from the outset. Working in a solar powered distillery, eliminating single use plastic, working with sustainable partners.

We’re thrilled to be working alongside Spirited Union for the Monaco Grand Prix, find out more information on our Monaco Grand Prix hospitality options.